Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The best medicine... wedgie cream?

Today I decided something: I wanna laugh more.

Laughing is my favorite thing to do in the world. Seriously, if you bump into me in the street and ask me what brings me the most joy and what I love doing, I will say "laughing" without even thinking about it. I've always loved to laugh. I think everyone does, but it's weird how I don't really think about being pro-active about laughing these days. I mean, when you're a kid you kind of base your whole world and life and every decision on what will bring the most laughter to yourself and your family and friends. Why isn't that still my mantra?

Rest-of-February resolution: do more funny stuff and laugh more. Be silly. Learn how to be more funny. Practice laughing in every situation (restrictions apply. Funerals? Common. Not gonna do that). Figure out what makes people around me chuckle and do that more.

I gotta loosen up. Get free and live like I'm free! And heck, I'm jobless right now too so I think I have no excuse not to just be crazy happy all the time. What's the sense in being stressed about being UNemployed until I get a job and am stressed about being EMployed? Dumb.

As first act in my new silly self, I declare that I will make it my mission to get at least 3 people to really belly laugh at/with me in the next 24 hours. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Probs. But, even if it fails miserably, it could potentially be a success later. For, as my wonderful boyfriend states confidently, "tragedy+time=comedy." (He first used this little number to pacify me in the aftermath of giving a "girlfriend wedgie")...
...And yes, I am still waiting for that equation to come to it's full expression... *fingers crossed in a sarcastic manner*

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Jeremy said...

It was kind of like a fire-drill.