Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is week two of the job search. In trying to get the most out of my current unemployment, I am determined to embrace everything that comes along with all this (hopefully) short amount of free time.

Things on the agenda include but are not limited to... get a haircut, buy new underwear, blog (check!), renew inspection sticker on van, etc... a.k.a. my life is awesome right now in a "got nothin' going on" kinda way while also being lame in a "no excuse gotta run this errand" kinda way.

I've been cooking more things from scratch, which has been great because I forgot how much I love the process from beginning to end. Ingredients all separated out, mixing things step by step, multitasking, tasting, sharing what you've created with someone AND last but not least (and surprisingly my favorite part) washing the dishes and putting things back in order afterwards.

Also, it's kind of fun to send out an application to something you're actually excited about maybe doing. In my case I'm looking for more of the "we'll pay you oodles and oodles to file your nails" kind of thing. OK, I'm kidding! I wanna work! I want a challenge! I want to contribute to society, dangit!

You guys are awesome for reading my blog and I really am going to try to write more and keep thangs real.